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When versatility, convenience, safety, efficiency and cost are all factors at the time you are looking for a boat, let inflatable boats be at the top of your list. Let us tell you how each of these factors are easily met.

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Inflatable boats can fit a wide range of needs. They can be used as a primary, as a dive or as a fishing boat. They work very well as tenders for yachts because you can pull up right along side without fear of damaging the hull of either craft. Inflatables are great for rescue boats as well.


Because there is no need for a trailer, inflatables are the epitome of convenience. When you are ready to go to the lake for a weekend away, or sneak out of the office early on a Friday afternoon, just load your deflated, rolled up boat into the trunk of your car and go. When you arrive, all that is needed it to pull it out, unroll, inflate, and you are off for an enjoyable time. No more waiting in line at the single dock on the lake for your turn to unload. A trailer is not needed with these lightweight craft.


Special fabrics are needed to construct inflatables to make them as strong and durable as they possibly can be. This goes way beyond the concept of simple rubber rafts. Inflatables need to be tough enough to stand up to the harsh elements such as the sun or weather. Two main types of materials are used when making inflatables, Hypalon‚ coated fabrics or PVC coated fabrics.


Because of the lightweight nature of an inflatable boat, much lower horse powered engines are needed. Many inflatables are used simply with oars or paddles. When they are used as Sport Boats, most frequently an outboard motor is used as well as a hard transom usually made out of fiberglass or wood. Without the need to buy as much gas and other accessories for the motor, efficiency is a definite benefit to owning an inflatable.


When you look at cost from the standpoint of not only the amount for the boat itself, but the amount needed for upkeep, storage, accessories, and transportation of the boat, the numbers really add up. When purchasing a boat many people forget about these additional costs. When you factor all of them in, however, it really makes sense to get an inflatable!